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Data Visualization

Data Visualization helps us understand a story through data.  Our software developers use data visualization in a vast majority of our projects.  By using a visual element with charts and graphs our clients have an accessible way to see and understand trends.  We can customize the data to the specific needs of each client.  


Switchbox enjoyed working with Greenwood 360 to create a customizable software application called Allita.

Fixed Bid vs. Hourly Bid

Choosing how to pay for a web application, mobile application, or even an IoT based project can be tricky.  Most if not all large development firms choose the hourly model as it limits their risk.  The problem is that is not what is always best for a client.  

How to Build Robust Javascript Code

Our company found a somewhat humorous approach to building robust code and we thought we had to share it.  If you are working with Javascript to build your website you might want to consider this approach... or not.

Building a Dynamic Sitemap without all the Hard Wo…

If you have ever struggled with building a sitemap to present to a client or your marketing team there are two great tools that we use fairly frequently.  The first is which is a great sitemap building tool.  It allows you to quickly create a hierarchical list view of pages.  It also provides extra features such as adding comments, color coding, creating versions and many more features.      

What Henry David Thoreau has to say about Software…

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.” ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden     After reading that recently I realized that is exactly why companies are willing to spend money on custom software to run their businesses.  Are you curious to learn what we think a poet has to say about software development?  Then this blog is for you.  

Mar 02, 2018

Software Developers In Las Vegas

As a small business in Columbus we get to do some things other companies don't do.  As part of our 2017 annual goal (which we blew away by more then 30%) we decided to take our staff out on an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas.  

Differences between a mobile app and a web app

As software developers we often assume everyone knows what the difference is between a web app and a mobile app.  Based on some of our client questions we realized there is a lot of confusion between Native App Development and Web App Development.  Let us help clarify.

HTML5 vs. WordPress

A lot of people wonder about how to increase the SEO relevance of their WordPress site compared to HTML5.  With a variety of web design templates out there it takes a little more information to make an informed decision.