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Aug 13, 2014

Safeguard Risk Solutions Launches!

Safeguard Risk Solutions came to Switchbox looking for a digital solution for emergency situations for schools and other organizations.  Their vision was an easy way to access their best practice emergency responses designed with first responders and emergency consultants.  The solution? The MERP – an online series of response strategies. The Mobile Emergency Response Plan […]

Jun 24, 2014

Switchbox Launched Conrad Phillips Vutech

Switchbox is excited to announce the launch of! We have loved working with CPV over the last few years and it was our privilege to help them launch their new site. Part of the fun on this project was using a Ruby on Rails CMS platform called Active Admin for the back end […]

Dec 30, 2013

W.A.R.M Nominates Switchbox as Their Partner of Th…

We are thrilled that Westerville Area Resource Ministry named us partner of the month! Working on the W.A.R.M website was an incredible project for our team and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful organization. Check out our team’s hard work:

Oct 14, 2013

Switchbox Launches Columbus Goodwill Site!

Congratulations to Goodwill Columbus on their new site that just launched! Conrad Phillips Vutech did a fantastic job on the design and the overall user and testing experience. We were very pleased to work with them on the development of the website. The site is a fully responsive design and integrates with several of their […]

May 24, 2012

Switchbox is happy to announce one of our clients, Buckeye Shapeform was featured in the Better Business Bureau’s Spring 2012 issue of The Beacon! The article details how the company has been able to remain a sustaining business by ambitiously shaping its company periodically in order to meet the demands of different times. Starting as […]

Feb 27, 2012

Thanks to Telerik

Evan just got us so great giveaways for our .Net Developer Lunch for this week. Telerik donated 2 “mystery” items for us to give to the people with the best submittions for newest ideas on jQuery which is our theme for this week. Good job Evan and thanks to Telerik.

Oct 24, 2011

Easy AR with Javascript

After doing some digging, I’ve finally found a decent Javascript Library for Augmented Reality. It uses Flash to receive data from your web cam. From there, it looks for a marker in the video feed. From there, it can tell where the corners are. I took it a little further and threw our logo on […]

Oct 17, 2011

Batch Install Applications with Ninite

Prepping a new computer with a fresh load of Windows is often a pretty tedious task – critical apps that take significant amounts of time to install (Visual Studio, SQL Server, Management Studio, etc.) mixed together with hundreds of updates and service packs with your odd mix of browsers, media, chat, and other random apps […]

Oct 10, 2011

2011 Design Trend – jQuery Parallax Scrolling

How’d they do that? Parallax Scrolling is a type of scrolling technique that gives a pseudo-3D appearance and is truly eye-catching. This technique has been simplified with jQuery Plug-Ins. Check it out at

Aug 11, 2011

Lightweight charting with JavaScript

Everyone loves charts – and more importantly, everyone loves fancy charts. So, what if you want fancy charts without a plugin like Flash or Silverlight? Highcharts is a very simple approach with striking results – a purely JavaScript solution based on top of jQuery. We’ve been experimenting with it at the office and are pretty […]

May 19, 2011

What SQL LINQ is generating for you

I know a big concern with software developers who use .Net is LINQ. It’s a great innovation with software but some times you don’t have the control over it you want. For instance, what SQL actually gets generated from a LINQ expression? One of our developers asked that question, found the answer and created a […]

Feb 02, 2011

National Signing Day for Students?

Well today is national signing day for young football playing Americans across the country. Local media, ESPN, and fans across the country are eagerly checking webpages and listening to thousands of different analyst trying to predict where the top recruits will end up for the start of next season. As a huge football fan I […]

Jan 18, 2011

Will Steve Jobs absence hurt Verizon’s launch of t…

With the upcoming launch of the iPhone on Verizon network, how will Steve Jobs absence been viewed if the launch is not a success. What happens if Verizon has issue? What happens if there is a problem with the iPhone? Will Verizon get the blame? How long will Steve Jobs be gone? Is this a […]

Jan 05, 2011

Web Development Trends for 2011

1. HTML5 and CSS 3 will get a lot of press, some decent implementations but still will be inadequate for the most of advanced scenarios possible today with Flash or Silverlight. And that is expected since HTML5 does not aim to compete with classic RIA technologies but rather to complement them or to allow some […]

Oct 26, 2010

We just got a great comment from a poten

We just got a great comment from a potential client. Apparently they love and saw that we referenced their website in our proposal. I keep hearing great things from business owners about what the site is doing for them.