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Core Application Development

Does your company have a core application that it depends on? We are willing to bet the answer is yes. It might be a website that you use, a piece of software, or a custom intranet you built. We use a lot as you can see from our blog – Software We Use. Here is […]

HTML5 Video Player

If you need a video player that works for the iPhone, Droid or other mobile device and still works great for a normal computer try this out… It’s great for you website or mobile application. We actually used something similiar for a local Columbus, Ohio company launching their product to Home Depot.

Our new favorite task management software

If you have been looking for a good task management software check out Its super simple, very powerful, and works just like you would expect. There is a free version and a paid version but the free version is great. If you want to view it in action before signing up just go to […]

Aug 05, 2010
Just for Fun

Our response to the question: What type of hosting…

I’m using Cobal version 1.13 on an Atari 2600 for the database backend and my cell phone running a boot legged copy of Windows ME as my webserver. My internet is provided by a TCP/IP tunnel running through an unmonitored socket on It’s all being powered by a carbon neutral generator made out of […]

Jul 20, 2010

We’re going back to Tech Columbus for m

We’re going back to Tech Columbus for more funding for another startup. So far we’ve helped launched six successful IT startups, four had partial funding from Tech Colmbus, and two were partially funded by us. This will probably be the fifth from Tech Columbus. We offer VC funding to anyone with a good idea who […]

CSS Sprites

For a better way to optimize your site for faster page loading check this out.

Fun jQuery photo galleries

Thanks to Shauna for finding these great photo galleries. All galleries use jQuery and some use PHP for the backend.

Whoops, Joel is a micro-manager.

Okay, I’m (Joel) actually 6′ 4″ tall so I’m not exactly micro but I am a micro manager. I know it but I still do it. Check this article out if you are a micro-manager or if you are micro-managed. If you work here at Switchbox accept my apologize.