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Custom Product Configurations and Javascript

The web is built for display data in tables, grids, images and videos but not as much for custom online image processing.  The good news is that with a little help from Javascript you can build dynamic image and product configurators online.  Check out one of our newly launched websites for an example.

Rapid Prototyping for Corporate Innovation

Web applications often provide one of the highest ROIs possible for corporations looking to innovate but very few projects get completed.  Why do so many large companies talk about building innovative web applications but then hesitate to fund them when a good idea comes up?

What are interactive wireframes?

Interactive wireframes are a great step in the discovery process of any web based project.  They go beyond the standard view of static wireframes and help clients explore how the website or mobile application will function instead of just showing what the website will look like.

GeoJSON Data Conversion

Working with GIS data for new applications can present problems.  One of the biggest is the fact that most GIS data is still in legacy formats.  If you are having trouble converting legacy GIS map data we can help.

Who owns your website?

Who actually owns your website?  Or maybe asked a different way, who has the ability to shut your site down if they want?  We are starting to see panic stricken clients asking this question more and more often and it's one you should be asking now.

ADA Compliance - A Web "Standard" that Needs to be…

As the federal regulations around stopping frivolous lawsuits are handicap accessibility are about to take effect more and more law firms are trying to file their class action lawsuits against organizations.  We have had a variety of companies reach out to us to help make their websites ADA compliant.  The problem is that while everyone wants to accuse our clients of not meeting the ADA standards no one seems to be able to say exactly what that means.

US Government Standards for Responsive Web Design

Most web developers and designers have used the Bootstrap framework for years but apparently the US government is getting involved now too.  If you do work at the national or possibly even state level for website and web applications you may see this pop up on an RFP requirement soon.

Filemaker Upgrades

15 years ago companies saw a need for building out business automation platforms but there was not enough development talent to build them all.  This meant that companies of all sizes started using "build your own database" applications like FileMaker and Microsoft Access DB to build business applications.  Now those platforms are becoming obsolete and outdated.  What should these companies do?

Website Security and Penetration Testing

Jacadis (A local web security company) came out to our office to present on web security to our team at our weekly Beer and Code event.  It was a huge learning experience and at the end of the day we all took away a few basic practices to make web and mobile applications more secure.  Thanks to Doug and Grant for presenting.

Interactive Mapping for the Government

Interactive maps are being great tools for showing information.  Instead of simply dumping out spreadsheets or big data into a chart you can show it on a map and make it interactive.  A great application is big data pulled from census and other government statistical surveys.  

Our newest Droid App

And to top off the launch of a brand new site (see our previous blog post) we just launch another Android mobile app. This one is designed/developed to be both a tablet app and an phone app. You can download it in the app store

CSS Sprites

For a better way to optimize your site for faster page loading check this out.

Fun jQuery photo galleries

Thanks to Shauna for finding these great photo galleries. All galleries use jQuery and some use PHP for the backend.