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Benefits of Detailed UX Design

When we talk about user experience, or UX, we tend to think about wire framing. This is for obvious reasons: it is simple, cheap, and does a good job of conveying what we will provide to our clients. Even still, wire framing cannot provide the details clients need to make informed decisions and fully appreciate […]

Cross Team Development with Vagrant

Here at Switchbox, we have two development teams, focusing on different languages and technologies. On one side, we have a .NET team focusing on Microsoft technologies – Windows, SQL Server, and C#/ASP.NET. On the other, we have an open-source team primarily working with Linux, MySql, and Ruby on Rails. All of our developers are great […]

Our Favorite 404

One of Switchbox’s client, AppRiver, headquartered in Gulf Breeze Florida, specializes in email and web security and protects their users with the latest spam and virus protection possible. They offer web security, email encryption, and Office 365 backed by 24 hour customer support. Attention to detail can be found throughout and their 404 page […]

JSON-API: Convention over Configuration with Stand…

One of the most difficult things a developer faces is choice- which language, framework, method etc. and when to use something or when not to use something. The stress for most developers is palpable, and the choices are a crippling part of this anxiety. Enter ‘convention over configuration’. At its core, the concept of applying […]

Nov 04, 2015

Switchbox Held 1st Book Drive- Supports Worthingto…

For the past two months, our team has been engaged in a friendly book drive competition to collect children’s books for donation to the Worthington Resource pantry. The Resource Pantry is a center that provides education and food to those in need. Their purpose is to promote the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual heal […]

3 Reasons Company Culture Is Important

Company culture has become a huge topic within organizations. Understanding what brings in good employees and keeps them around is an added advantage to an employer. While most companies, at one point, may have never even considered the idea, it seems like an unavoidable topic in today’s businesses as more and more potential candidates ask […]

Discovery Phase With Farber Specialty Vehicles

Switchbox is currently in the discovery phase with a new client, Farber Specialty Vehicles. Farber is a Custom Coach company located in Columbus, Ohio that has been building custom coaches for over 80 years. A large portion of their customers are in the health care field and their custom coaches are used as mobile health […]

The Hidden Cost Of Off-The-Shelf Software: How to …

Recently we were engaged by a client in financial services to help find a better way to track participants at their events. The problem was one we see a lot, this organization offered continued education for their clientele and they were concerned people were registering for events but not attending and then still requesting credit. […]

Why Did My Coffee Pot Come With A Training DVD?

A few years ago, a good friend of mine bought me a new automated coffee machine. It had a built-in coffee grinder making an easy prep at night for fresh brewed coffee in the morning. The only problem was that this particular coffee maker came with a 30 page manual and training DVD. The machine […]

If You Can Imagine It, There’s A Vehicle For it – …

Farber is a family owned business located in Columbus who specializes in the design and development of manufacturing custom specialty vehicles. Starting in the early 1970s, Farber has grown from a van-to-camper converter business to a well-adapted company that now meets the demands of creating medical vehicles and various other in demand vehicles. Brothers Nick, […]

You Want To Do What In A Tractor?

This is the type of question you hope you never have to ask your children but I promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Let me explain. Switchbox solves unique business problems. We do this in almost every industry: medical, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, etc. We even work in a few unique industries like prisons, […]

Information Overload: Too Much Data, Not Enough Or…

We recently had a client that encountered a problem that was typical for several organizations…lots of information spread out across several shared drives or networks with no easy access or even awareness of what was out there. Administration, storing and accessing information is a critical process for a company’s behind the scenes success and a […]

Throw Away Your Company Phone And Maximize Your Co…

Today’s businesses offer numerous outlets providing information and resources to their products and services. If you have a question or concern or simply want to stay up-to-date on product details, you can usually do so through a company’s website or social media outlets. The days of where is my order? or is this in stock? and how […]

5 Things To Do BEFORE Your Site Gets Hacked

In a recent CNN article, they reported an increase in cyber crime and hacking. As an IT company, we have also seen this trend recently as more and more companies are calling us to help when their site gets hacked. As more and more countries gain technical infrastructure but are not getting high quality IT […]

Wendy’s High School Heisman Award Website

The Wendy’s High School Heisman Award is a joint program between Wendy’s and the Heisman Trophy Trust which rewards our nation’s most esteemed high school seniors.  Award Recognition goes to those who are proven leaders and role models within their school and community as well as actively participating in school sponsored sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Switchbox […]

What’s on your company’s dashboard?

Years of experience has taught us that each business utilizes some sort of a dashboard. It may look like a piece of paper they hand out in a meeting, it may be a marker board that is up on the wall in their manufacturing facility or there are some who may have it as a […]

Which Way Should You Go – A Single Onsite Resource…

We’ve been getting asked a lot recently if it makes more sense to hire one developer that works in-house or to hire a development agency like us. Obviously we are biased in this issue but the discussion comes up so often we wanted to share our thoughts. Many businesses believe there is value in hiring one developer […]

WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Oh My!

More and more often we are finding that each client we work with has become increasingly unsure of which technology to specifically use. In a time with endless IT companies and their opinions, it becomes harder for non-technical people to determine what is best for them. If you’ve been looking for a new web application […]

HL7: Solving Old Problems with New Tools

One of the benefits of working at Switchbox is gaining exposure to many technologies, both new and old. Recently, one of our developers had the opportunity to learn and work with HL7. HL7, which stands for Health Level-7, is a set of standards used to transmit data between different healthcare providers. HL7 has been around […]

Using Data Visualization To Illustrate A Developme…

If you visit our office you would see several people sitting at desks with large monitors, typing. What is it exactly, they’re doing? Explaining what our developers do on a daily basis to a client is tough. Each developer works on several different projects at one point and time. Understanding the value our team creates […]