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Responsive Web Design and Development Tool

Evan found a great tool for quickly testing your site to see how it looks on a few common mobile platforms. Just enter your site’s address in the upper right and see how it looks. BTW: We have seen a huge increase in request for building out responsive design recently. If you need any […]

Load testing

Need to perform some baseline load testing? Check out this free online solutions here – Test up to 50 concurrent users on your site.

Never a dull moment at Switchbox

What would you do if you had 55,000 new visitors hit your site in 3 hours? Apparently you would crash the worlds largest hosting company. :) Two of our clients made a huge press release today and there was so much traffic that their visitors were doing 5 searches a second for the last few […]

A better way to develop mobile websites

Matt at our office just found out that jQuery mobile 2.0 just got released. We are constantly building mobile websites and mobile applications for our clients so this is going to make it a lot easier. Too bad it doesn’t help more with building iPhone or table applications.

TechColumbus Semi-finalist.

Great Success! Switchbox, inc. was chosen as a semi-finalist for TechColumbus’ 2010 Innovation Awards. Switchbox, inc. was nominated for Outstanding Product from a business with fewer than 50 people. While we’re excited to be a semi-finalist, we’re also happy to see several companies we’ve developed we site for on the list. These companies include Your […]

OnTime on Times Square

In case you haven’t heard yet one of our clients just made it on to Times Square. Check out the new iPhone app “OnTime” If you can’t see the image go to our blog at

What is a microsite?

That’s a great question. A microsite can have a lot of meanings to different people but to us it’s a website that is intended to either be up for a short period of time or is intended to only have a tiny amount of content in order to test a market. Switchbox launches about one […]

Good Wiki for your website

If you’d like to have a quick wiki installed on your website check this one out. It’s simple and ultra powerful and let’s you place it on any web server that you want. Our developers use it for documenting all applications that they create for our clients.

Core Application Development

Does your company have a core application that it depends on? We are willing to bet the answer is yes. It might be a website that you use, a piece of software, or a custom intranet you built. We use a lot as you can see from our blog – Software We Use. Here is […]

HTML5 Video Player

If you need a video player that works for the iPhone, Droid or other mobile device and still works great for a normal computer try this out… It’s great for you website or mobile application. We actually used something similiar for a local Columbus, Ohio company launching their product to Home Depot.

Our new favorite task management software

If you have been looking for a good task management software check out Its super simple, very powerful, and works just like you would expect. There is a free version and a paid version but the free version is great. If you want to view it in action before signing up just go to […]

Whoops, Joel is a micro-manager.

Okay, I’m (Joel) actually 6′ 4″ tall so I’m not exactly micro but I am a micro manager. I know it but I still do it. Check this article out if you are a micro-manager or if you are micro-managed. If you work here at Switchbox accept my apologize.