Case Study


Services Provided

  • Mobile Application
  • Real Time GPS tracking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Charting
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Online Tracking
  • Order Logistics
  • Unit Testing

Accutrac is an application for a global medical logistics company.  The nuclear division transports pharmaceuticals directly from the manufacturer to hospitals.  They are responsible for delivering up to 20,000+ doses of medicine daily to cancer patients nationwide.

The Problem

The existing mobile delivery application was not meeting the clients needs.  It was a third party application that was not readily available for updates and was costly to maintain. This application also lacked the ability to do real time GPS tracking from the time the pharmaceuticals left the manufacturer to the time the drugs reached a medical facility.  

The Solution

Switchbox built a nuclear medicine delivery application allowing drivers access to view assigned routes, scan containers and get GPS verification of each stop. Switchbox was able to assist the client in three core areas of mobile development which included the mobile application, API integration and Web admin tools.  The API allowed the web admin and the mobile application to communicate seamlessly with each other to ensure the users of the application were receiving real time data. The web admin tool includes a dashboard display for Accutrac dispatchers to create and monitor assigned routes for the drivers.

The Results

The Accutrac application gives the client a custom in house solution to manage and track pharmaceuticals shipments with 99%+ accuracy.  This application allows the client more control over deliveries and monitoring of their products.  They can adjust routes in real time to avoid delays and ensure the patients are receiving their medication on time. This application is being used by 1,500+ drivers nationwide daily to deliver 22,000+ dosages to patients. 

On-Time Delivery
Daily Doses Delivered
Shipment Accuracy