Case Study

IoT Custom Device Hardware and Management Dashboard

Services Provided

  • IoT
  • Internet of Things
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile Optimization
When one of our favorite clients came to us asking for help ensuring manufacturing quality we were excited to help.  Our client needed to track a variety of environmental readings (temperature, humidity, etc.) across a drug manufacturing process that spanned several days.  Our team work with various stakeholders to determine what data was needed, how it would be collected and ultimately how to use that information to improve quality and reduce errors.

The Problem

With manufacturing facilities across the country and FDA requirements to clean, re-calibrate, measure, and record all readings every 5 minutes we needed both custom hardware and custom tracking software.  The IoT hardware had to be easy to install (the current devices took a specialize team days to setup) and needed to work behind a complex IT infrastructure.  If measurements went out of a "safe zone" supervisors needed to be alerted to the problem quickly via text message and email so they could intervene and keep the manufacturing process safe.

The Solution

Our team coordinated efforts from a custom hardware manufacturer in Pennsylvania, an industrial design firm, and the IoT team at Verizon Wireless to bring a fully functioning product to life.  Our initial rapid prototyping helped our client get initial budget approval for prototyping and refine the idea prior to committing resources to hardware manufacturing.  After the IT infrastructure and hardware were under development we built a fully custom cloud based database and tracking software that monitored all devices at all facilities 24/7/365.

The Results

The project is currently in a phase 2 launch with custom hardware and software collecting data and refining the training and deployment process.  A national launch is expected within 6 months and everything is proceeding flawlessly.
National Facilities
1 Cloud
657 Million
Pings per year
4 Hours
Setup Time