A proven process

We love building great software but we really hate meetings. We've built a process that gets our clients from initial idea to initial prototype as fast as possible. This doesn't mean we cut corners, or recklessly charge to a solution, it just means we deliver massive value after every single meeting we have. We also understand that in an enterprise environment you need something to get your boss to pay attention to your idea before you spend a lot of money. Our process is built to get you from idea to promotion (hint, hint) faster.

Discovery Phase

Initial Meeting

From the very first meeting you will sense there is something different about Switchbox. Our team knows how to get to the heart of a project. After our first meeting we typically provide an initial project scope along with a high level budget. Our team is typically able to go from your first conversation to a set of interactive wireframes within a week. Our goal is to get the momentum on your project moving quickly.  

Hands on Discovery

We quickly become partners in your business. We come onsite whenever possible to engage you, your team and your clients to fully understand the problem and the solution. The result is software built by people who understand you, not "people-who-meet-the-people-who-documented-what-the-people-that-met-you-told-them-you-wanted." When you work directly with the people building your website your project moves faster, there are fewer problems caused by misunderstandings.

Early Prototyping

Sometimes your project needs a little push to get approved by your boss. Sometimes you aren't even sure if you project makes sense to fund. Our team can build out initial high level interactive prototypes in less then a week so you can take them to your boss to get the backing you need. Clients who receive Early Prototyping are 4.3 times more likely to get their project funded then projects without early prototyping. Learn more about Early Prototyping.

For an example of what our team delivered in less then a week go here: interactive prototype.  
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Discovery Deliverables

Discovery ends with documentation you understand and that you helped create. It also ends with an itemized budget that lets you control the final cost and timeline for your project. Most of our project discoveries are done in 2-8 weeks.

Development Phase

Agile Software Development

After a project is approved our team meets with you every two weeks to demonstrate our progress, discuss what is going on and get your feedback. This agile approach allows you to shape your web application as it is built and helps improve the quality of the final project. One significant difference in our Agile approach is that we actually quote a firm estimate and work with you to deliver a working version within that budget. We don't believe "Agile" means "Open Wallet."


If you need support after your project is launched our team can handle that on a monthly support plan or on an as needed basis. You do not need an in house IT department to maintain your project unless you prefer to do so. All of our applications are built on industry standards that are easy to maintain and improve.

Give us one meeting and we will show you what makes Switchbox different.