Business Automation Solutions

Many people think that business automation is only in the realm of large corporations or can only be achieved by giant consulting firms.  We've proven otherwise.  Business automation can be as simple as moving one paper form to a digital format and there is no limit to how complex it can get.  Our expertise is typically with either small to mid size organizations or small to mid size departments in large organizations.  We believe this is an incredibly under served market and we have plenty of Case Studies to show how we can help all types of organizations.  Regardless of the type of business problem that needs to be solved all business automation projects start with defining the process you want to automate.

Types of Business Automation Projects

  1. Data Gathering: Instead of using paper or spreadsheets to collect information start building a public web portal for your clients, vendors, or staff to enter information into directly
  2. Reporting: Don't waste staff time collecting and summarizing information onto reports. Reporting is perfect for automation
  3. Reminders: Do you find that you are constantly emailing or calling your staff or clients to remind them to do something? Maybe you perform maintenance each quarter and need to schedule it. Or maybe you want to reach out to your clients every month. Scheduling reminders are perfect to automate and track. Compliance and auditing system are perfect for business automation
  4. Workflow management: Do you need multiple staff members to "touch" something in your business to make sure it's handled correctly? Maybe you have an approval process to ensure senior level staff review the quality or products before they go to your customers. Maybe you just need a manager to approve vacation time. Regardless of how complex your workflow is a web application can almost always streamline the process.