E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce is becoming a key component for many businesses. While we have custom built plenty of shopping carts over the years clients typically engage us for more complex needs. Often our clients are in niche industries that have requirements that standard shopping carts like Magento, Spree, Shopify or Big Commerce only meet about 80% of their online needs but can't provide exactly what they need. Other clients come to us because they need an e-commerce developer but they do not need a shopping cart for their online store. Often these clients are selling online services, need to allow clients to pay bills online, or have other high customized needs for their online presence.

Examples of Custom E-commerce Websites

  • Online Customer Payment Portal: We have helped clients save money and get paid faster by offering a secure online customer payment portal. Customers simply enter in their invoice number or other unique identifier and pay their bill online by credit card or EFT.
  • Custom Product Online Sales: Standard e-commerce portals assume your products are simple. For instance, they have different colors and sizes like t-shirts. So what do you do if you sell one product that has over 5 million variations like a customized medical device? We have built online web based applications that allow customers to create highly customized products based on unique business rules. The result is that instead of them calling a customer service rep they are able to spend time building their product online and the website enforces the unique product rules such as incompatible parts.
  • Highly Regulated Product Sales Online: Often our clients sell products that are highly regulated for import/export. Most e-commerce platforms assume your product can be sold anywhere and do not let you handle Customs regulations or import export rules. We have built international e-commerce sites that restrict the sales of goods to individual countries, handle printing customs forms based on the destination country, allow for charging tax and value added taxes on international e-commerce orders and all type of other regulatory compliance issues.
  • PCI Compliance: We spend lots of time helping clients upgrade legacy e-commerce sites to be PCI compliance. Chances are good that if you built your current e-commerce site before 2010 your website is not PCI compliant. While PCI compliance was originally released in 2004 most online platforms did not take the regulations seriously until years later.  If you have a legacy e-commerce system that needs to be upgraded to the latest PCI compliance standards we can help.
  • Online Cart Consulting: Often our clients come to us to get a recommendation on a standard e-commerce platform. While we are a custom web development shop we have no problem recommending an off the shelf solution when it meets the situation. We have built sites in everything from ASPDotNetStorefront, WooCommerce, Shopify, Spree and Magento to name a few. If you don't need a fully custom solution we are happy to make that recommendation.
  • Online Membership Payment: Often our clients need to build a platform for customers or members to pay reoccurring charges online such as membership dues or subscriptions. While many solutions exist on the web to handle this we are experts at handling the process seamlessly so our clients account systems and membership systems are updated when an online payment is made and reminders are sent to their members when payments are missed. Membership retention is increased when customers can pay online instead of via phone or paper invoice.

E-commerce Case Study

A client of ours sells highly customized drones. Due to the constant change in the industry a standard shopping cart would not work. Some drones could not be sold online to other countries due to USA export regulations. Other drones could be sold to Saudi Arabia but not if a high resolution camera was attached. Our client was have great difficulty in customizing their online shopping cart to work with these ever changing export rules. We used Spree Commerce as the base for the e-commerce platform and then integrated it with a proprietary Inventory Management System they were using. Spree was then custom developed to integrate with their other software systems and to enforce the unique online rules. Lastly PCI compliance was maintained with a simple online merchant platform capable of processing international credit card orders securely.

Spree Commerce

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