Native Android Application Development

Whenever a small company invests in a web development project, it is important to make sure the website is accessible through mobile platforms, such as various Apple and Android products. Here at Switchbox, Inc. we acknowledge the importance of mobile app development and always include a mobile-friendly version of the website or web portal. Our clients have ranged from farmers accessing databases from mobile systems in their tractors to local Columbus, OH non-profits offering a platform for donors to interact with. 

What is a Native Application?

Another option to explore is creating a Native Web Application, or a web application made for a specific platform. If you have done any research on a new phone or mobile device, it becomes apparent Apple products and Android products run very differently. So why run a mobile app that is not meant for your specific operating system? that is not an efficient use of your mobile platform. Mobile applications that are made specifically for a product, like the newest Android tablet or Android phone will run much faster than a browser based application. Native applications are also an advantage because they use certain functions that are already embedded in the operating system, meaning less time (and less money!) in the development process.