Java Application Development

Java applications have continued to grow in popularity.  Especially as mobile development has increase the need for more sophisticated development projects.  Our team has been building Java desktop, web and mobile applications for years and is constantly hiring new team members with Java experience.  Regardless of if you are building a native application for Android or upgrading a legacy server based application we have experience.  While Java may be at the core of your development needs you need to consider the entire system that Java will play a part in.  It's easy to find a Java developer but hard to find one that knows and understand all the other systems.

Changes in Java Frameworks and Client Needs

Recently we have seen a large request from our clients for Java frameworks like Spring MVC and even Grails.  While we understand that these frameworks have been around for a while we are being asked to help some internal team move from legacy Java development into more modern frameworks like these.  Our team is also capable of handling most common frameworks and deployments.  Since Java is typically used as an enterprise development language (as opposed to Ruby on Rails which is typically used by startups and smaller businesses) there are also many different enterprise testing and validation frameworks.  If you have a project with a very specific technology stack chances are that we can support that as well.  Regardless of your automated testing requirements, unique deployment scenarios or security audit and penetration testing we are willing to adapt our team to meet your requirements

Building and Supporting a Full Java Environment

Setting up a Java application takes more then writing source code.  Our team can help your internal team setup servers specially to take your application development from initial software development to full product launch.  We can also help with database support regardless of if you are using MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle for your product launch.  Our team has even been a key part of hosting selection when our client have specific geographic or disaster recovery needs.  

Java for Mobile Development

Lastly, if you are looking for a true native Android developer with Java experience we can help with that.  Our range of mobile projects covers basic field service applications (think online forms) to complex real time GPS tracking and API integration.  Native Android development can be great is your mobile application has very specific needs such as offline support, precise GPS tracking, accelerometer support or many other device specific constraints. If you aren't sure if you need to use native development or use a framework such as Phonegap or Cordova we can also help you make that decision.  Regardless of how you choose to build your application we are willing to work with you to create a project that meets your needs.

Choosing Java

Many clients make Java a requirement because that is what they were told to use.  Sometimes another technology like Microsoft .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP or similar language is a better fit. While there are many great reasons to chose Java you might find that another language better suits your needs.  If you find yourself unsure of the best language or stuck with the "my boss told me to use it," reason feel free to ask us what we think.  We are technology agnostic so we are happy to give you an honest opinion.