Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Web applications allow workplace flexibility. Instead of using software that has to be installed on every PC, web applications can be used online which allows your staff to access Web Applications for Business Automationthem from any device. While most people are starting to think of web sites and mobile applications a being different often they are not.  Since almost every device from a phone to a table to a desktop computer have modern web browsers web applications can be accessed across devices regardless of the operating system.

For instance, consider a typical PC program, such as Quickbooks or maybe an inventory tracking software package. These products have to be installed on each computer they will be used on. This means your employees can only access this software efficiently and effectively from their work computers or possibly if they use a VPN connection. In the modern world, this isn’t a recipe for a productive workplace. With web applications, your employees can start working remotely. Appointments or other obligations outside the office no longer have to interrupt the workday. Whether your employee is in an airport, at the coffee shop or on the couch, he or she can remain productive.

Web applications we can include customer portals, internal corporate intranets and solutions for a variety of industries including: start-ups, insurance, logistics, government and medical. We handle all aspects of these projects from requirements gathering and data definitions, core coding and development, delivery and deployment to maintenance. We bring years of experience in developing cutting edge web-based applications to meet both the technical and business requirements of a project.

We also offer web application integration services including: integrating new and existing websites into account management applications, CRMs, CMS systems and external vendor portals. Switchbox helps our customers migrate existing web applications from their current setup to future platforms by re-engineering their legacy applications using the latest technologies and web development tools.  We often build these applications on top of legacy systems that can not be removed from a company.  By building a portal that can be opened in a web browser you often are able to keep a legacy system up and running while providing similar functionality through a web browser.

Benefits of Web Applications:

  • Workplace flexibility: Give your employees the freedom to work from home or on the road. Enjoy the convenience of your employees being able to track time, look up order information, or download reports from anywhere—not just in the office. Forgot something at work? No need to drive back to the office to access it; simply log in to the web portal and find what you need.

  • Reduced Maintenance: Because web applications are web-based, maintenance is much easier than standard PC installed software. In a traditional installed software environment If a program needs updating, every computer has to install the updates. This can take hours and cost your company plenty of time. Web applications can be updated once for all users, saving you time and money.

  • Reduction in Errors: If you’re relying on paper documents to collect information, web applications can be a solution for you. For example, on paper, you can’t track errors. If a customer fails to fully fill out a form, you won’t know until you actually get the form. But a web application will catch the error and alert the customer, preventing you from receiving an error-ridden form. 

Web Applications Case Study:

A national Fortune 500 manufacturing company came to Switchbox seeking a web application solution for handling warranty repairs. In the past, warranty repairs were handled by an inefficient manual process:

A customer would take a Polaroid picture of the broken part, fill out the paper forms and mail it to our client for evaluation.

Our client's employees would then evaluate the claim, a process which would take up to a week.

Then, the customer would receive a response from our client regarding the status of the warranty claim.

Switchbox created a web application that turned a week-long process into a same-day response. The web application allowed the customer to take a picture and upload it to the application for evaluation by the warranty staff. This was a value-add for the client because customer were far more likely to fill out warranty repairs for all parts, which is good for the distributor.

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