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Microsoft ASP.Net Application Development

Switchbox builds applications in a variety of development frameworks and ASP.Net is one of our favorites.  We find that many of our enterprise sized clients along with our clients in the government sector tend to prefer Microsoft technologies and have built one development team solely around these technologies.  ASP.Net is a a solid solution for a variety of projects.  To date our team has built applications for custom e-commerce deployments, EDI integrations, POS system integrations, Big Data projects, custom reporting, and a variety of business process management applications.  While .Net tends to be the preferred technology for enterprise applications we have also helped a variety of entrepreneurs launch online startups with their web applications built on top of ASP.Net.

We often find that many web developers believe it is difficult to build complex front end websites (sites that typically use complex CSS, HTML5, and Javascript frameworks) on .Net.  While this was true in earlier versions, especially version 1.1 and 2.0, Microsoft has built a great set of libraries along with the MVC framework to make this a non-issue.  Often our open source team will slice photoshop files into HTML for our .Net team and we find the transition to be extremely easy.

We have built custom web applications in .Net since version 1.1 and are currently building applications in version 4.5 with C# as the primary language.  While we have built plenty of Web Forms applications in the past all our new applications are written in ASP.Net MVC.


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