PHP Applications

PHP Web Development

Our team of developers have built a large number of applications using PHP and other supporting languages.  These projects have included enterprise level e-commerce systems that have successfully handled large volume distributor e-commerce sites, entrepreneurs building out SaaS applications, and even small customer online dashboards.  PHP is still widely supported and has built a variety of applications on top of it.

Every once in a while someone questions if PHP is still a viable development language any more.  We believe PHP is still very much alive and functional.  While all of our PHP developers are also proficient in Ruby on Rails as well as many other open source development languages we tend to find that PHP is still widely used by a variety of organizations.  Our developers often interact with PHP through other applications such as WordPres, Drupal, and Magento but have built several large enterprise level systems using PHP as the primary language.  

Full Stack PHP Development

Our developers are capable of working with your existing LAMP server environment or setting up a new server to run Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP if you need assistance.  While we have used MySQL for years we have started migrating most new web applications to PostgreSQL for a number of performance reasons.  All of our PHP developers are also extremely comfortable with related technologies.  If you have an existing legacy application built in PHP we are also comfortable supporting, building on top of or upgrade those applications as needed.