Web Applications for Business

Our niche is building web applications that solve business problems. Sometimes these look like simple intranet to help track the paperwork, forms and reports a company or department is handling via paper. Sometimes it looks like a custom geo-location app to be used by medical staff in the field. Regardless of what it looks like the goal is the same, build something that add significant value to the way an organization works and makes their lives easier.

Initial Investment for a Web Application: $2.59

That's the price of a cup of coffee. You don't need budget approval, a PO or anything like that. We believe any project needs to start with trust. We do that by listening to you and sharing about us. If we are not a good fit for your project we'll tell you. We'll also recommend someone who is better suited to the project. 

How do we build our applications?
It starts with a conversation. You don't need a detailed project plan, a budget or even a developer. Our most successful projects start with a discussion about a problem or opportunity our client has. Our goal is to listen and understand and from there to start offering advice. As the conversation grows we start to build sitemaps, User Interface wireframes, a scope of work and all the other documents that are needed to get the project started. Unlike staff augmentation shops we are able to provide good estimates up front so you can get your budget approved with a high level of confidence.

Who We Work With

We are experts at working with departments in large organizations who need a solid web development team but for whatever reason are not able to work with their large IT department or large IT vendor. We have an excellent track record of development in high security, high reliability applications so our team is able to quickly build trust with internal IT. We partner not only with our direct client but also ensure we communicate with the IT team so they become part of the solution approval from the beginning. We know IT departments can be hard to get resources from.

We also work with mid-sized companies who do not have the staff resources to build out the type of application they need. This allows them to have access to some of the top development talent in Columbus without having to build up the entire team from scratch. In this role we come in knowing the internal team will need to support what we build out over the long term. We often train the internal team on how to support or applications after the core development is done and support them as needed afterwards. 

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