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Services Provided

  • Application Management
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Workflow Management
  • Geo-Search
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Mobile Application
  • Process Management
  • IoT
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PipeAg is a custom built Switchbox iOS enterprise mobile application that helps farmers to manage their communication process with their fleets of farming combines, tractors and grain carts.  It connects with multiple sensors and scales on the grain trailer to track each step of the harvesting process. It uses IOT and Bluetooth technology.  

The Problem

The problem most farmers face is loss of productivity and coordination of logistics for crop transfers and deliveries.   Farmers needed a way to track harvesting of fields, grain pick up/drop at dump locations and holding bins, and communication between their crews.  On large scale farms it is difficult for large scale crews to communicate and coordinate among each other.    

The Solution

Switchbox created an application called PipeAg Farming to do just that.   Switchbox worked with a hardware development firm to create sensors to be compatible with a native iOS application and report farming based metrics.  This application allows for advanced reporting on compaction and harvesting on a coverage map.  The map technology uses a large amount of mapping data with layers to provide tracking results of equipment working within the farm. This application allows all members of the crew to see all active equipment and coordination crop transfers and deliveries via real time GPS.

The Results

The PipeAG application has helped the farmers to increase productivity and to effectively communication within its own enterprise.  This iOS application uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with sensors and cellular service for constant connection.  The farmer can track and communicate with the combines, grain carts and semi drivers while all using the same application.  PipeAg is focused on building a complete experience for its clients and is consistently evolving and adding new features with the help of Switchbox.